8 Tips and Trick on How to Improve Your Business and Services

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8 Tips and Trick on How to Improve Your Business and Services

8 Tips and Trick on How to Improve Your Business and Services

Write and share your profile or story

Yes, customers like to know the background of the founder or owner of a business, especially a story when you may have failed in business before until you become a more successful person right now. It inspires and improves your value. Do not think that you are still not been a successful person. You may be more successful than many of those who failed out there.

Free tips on Facebook or any social media on the internet

Be ready to provide free tips that help others on topics or things related to your expertise. It builds your reputation and promotes your business.

Make money back guarantee

If you are confident and believe in your product or service, give assurance to your customer. Offer a refund if they are not satisfied with what you are giving them. You will attract more people to try your product or service and usually they will not ask for money to return if the product works and good for them.

Request and use customer testimonials

Humans are more confident when they read the experiences of others who have had a good experience using your product or service.

Record your video on YouTube

Steve Job, CEO of Apple’s giant company INC uses YouTube every time Apple launches their new product and it gets the most widespread coverage at the lowest cost. Do not forget to link your video with your website and share it on your social sites like FACEBOOK.

Maximize the use of your business card

Use your business card to convey information or messages about what kind of business you are or what your expertise because it will so easy for your customers to refer when they need to use your services later. Additional Tips: Get used to giving 2 business cards when you introduce yourself to others and say that you purposely give 2 cards for them to give to others who may need your service. This is the easiest and most effective way of marketing because other people will help promote your business


If you feel that you are not proficient in writing for a website, please use Blog. It’s a free and easy way for you to share your expertise. A good blog will make you popular and have followers in your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. The most widely used blogging technology today is like Blogger or WordPress as it is free.

Give a free discount card or voucher

This is the easiest and cheapest way to make loyal customers to you. For example, if you have a car wash business, offer an offer every 6 times to wash in your store, they will get 1 free! This is also your way of showing that you appreciate them.

8 Tips and Trick on How to Improve Your Business and Services

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