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How YouTube can help you market your business.

YouTube is a site where you can watch just about any type of video imaginable you might think of. It is not only the kingdom of digital entertainment but it can also be a great environment for learning, exploring to learn new information’s, ideas YouTube is a site where you can watch just about any type of video imaginable you might think of. It is not only the kingdom of digital entertainment but it can also be a great environment for learning, exploring to learn new information’s, ideas… There are videos of high school musicals, film school projects, home movies, breaking news clips, personal video blogs, tutorials—you name it. End-users have uploaded literally more than millions of video clips, and anyone can watch them in his or her web browser at no cost.

A large portion of the recordings on YouTube are unprofessional, produced by non-professionals with simple webcams or consumer camcorders—and that’s okay; it’s personal, but stuff that people like to watch. In any case, there is an increasing number of more professional clips, many designed to service or promote a particular product or business. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: Businesses small and large have discovered YouTube. Indeed, YouTube is the hottest new medium for online marketing; if your business has an online component, you could, and should, be promoting it via YouTube videos.

YouTube for Brand Awareness

Large national companies and major promoters regularly use YouTube to upgrade their attention to their brands. Rather than concentrating on individual items or administrations, these recordings push the organization’s image, regularly in a similar style utilized in customary TV publicizing.

Actually, online recordings are greater at giving brand mindfulness than are conventional TV advertisements. A Millward Brown study found that online viewing led to 82% brand awareness and 77% product recall, compared to just 54% brand awareness and 18% product recall for similar television ads. Experts trust this is on the grounds that online watchers are more connected with that audience members; the Web is a more interactive medium than the passive viewing inherent with television.

YouTube for Product advertising

If you can use YouTube to push an overall brand, you can utilize it to push singular items, as well. This requires a more straightforward approach, although it’s still important to make the video informative, educational, or entertaining.

To promote a product, you want to show the product in your advertising, as Nike ( does with its Bootcamp Drill videos. You can show the product in action or used as part of a demonstration or tutorial. Just make sure you include lots of close-up product shots and link back to your own website—where more product information is available.

YouTube for Retail Promotion

You can likewise utilize YouTube to promote a company’s retail stores. These videos can be general in nature (which gives the videos a long shelf life), or more specifically targeted to shorter-term promotions (“check out this weekend’s specials!”).

But a video that is nothing more than a store advertisement probably won’t attract a lot of viewers. A better approach is to find a way to showcase the store without resorting to claims of 20% off and “this weekend only” specials. For example, you might want to record a short store tour or highlight individual departments or services within the store. You can even produce educational videos that demonstrate the products or services your store offers, like the one for Home Depot ( Make the video informative,

YouTube for Direct Sales

YouTube is a tremendous channel for creating direct deals for items and administrations. You should simply demonstrate the item in real life or give a clasp of the administration being referred to, and afterward request the deal by guiding the watcher to your own site. One of the best ways to showcase a product is in an instructional video—the online equivalent of an old-school infomercial. Do you remember Ron Popeil’s late-night TV ads for slicers and dicers? Create a shorter version of said Ronco ads, but focusing on the useful attributes of your product, and you’ll gain YouTube viewership.

YouTube for Product Support

YouTube for Product Support

Not all organizations use YouTube to produce new business; a few organizations do as such to help existing clients. Think about the absolute most basic client issues and questions, and produce at least one recordings tending to those issues. On the off chance that you can enable your clients to support themselves, you furnish them with a valuable administration and diminish your organization’s help costs—all with a free YouTube video. e can access whenever.  For example, AutoDesk Inventor is a high-end computer program for 3D mechanical design from AutoDesk ( Knowing that their customers need a lot of post-sales support, the company put together a series of YouTube videos showing how to install, configure, and use the program. It’s extremely useful—and helps to cut down on traditional tech support costs, as well.

YouTube for Internal Training

Your organization can likewise utilize YouTube for inner purposes. Take, for instance, the issue of offers or item prepared. You have another item to acquaint and a business power with the train. How best to contact them? In the days of yore, you’d fly sales reps from around the nation to a focal office and put on multi-day of hands-on preparing. Doing as such, be that as it may, is both tedious and costly. Rather, consider utilizing YouTube for your item preparing. Create a series of short training videos. All you have to do is upload the videos to YouTube and provide access to all your company’s salespeople. (They don’t have to be public videos.) Sales force personnel can watch the videos at their leisure, without losing valuable sales time trekking back to the office for training. You save money, your salespeople save time, and you create an archive of product information that anyone can access at any time.

YouTube for Employee Communications

You can utilize YouTube for all way of organization correspondences. Rather than holding a major organization meeting just with the goal that the huge manager can give his yearly condition of the organization address, have him record the location and post it on a private channel on YouTube. Employees can watch the prez say his thing from the comfort of their own desks, while they’re on the road, or even at home. In fact, many companies find that YouTube is a fast and effective way to disseminate all kinds of employee information. Done right, it gets information out there in near–real-time, with all the benefit of face to-face communication, which is a lot better than sending impersonal memos via email.

YouTube for Recruiting

Finally, don’t underestimate YouTube as a recruitment tool for new employees. If you have a company welcome video, post it on YouTube and make it public. Think of this as a PR exercise to attract new talent to your company, which means doing it up right—it’s as much a marketing project as it is something from the HR department. You can link to the video from all your recruiting materials, even from any traditional ads you place. Don’t limit yourself to a single long puff video: Produce separate videos for individual departments, as well as to illustrate company values, employee benefits, facilities, and the like.

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