Free Tools for Collecting Insights Through Search Data

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Free Tools for Collecting Insights Through Search Data

Free Tools for Collecting Insights Through Search Data

Free Tools for Collecting Insights Through Search Data. At their core, most of the search tools we cover in this blog excel at one very specific thing: quantifying search volume (queries) for specific keywords and providing related keyword associations for additional context. In addition, there may be other features, such as the ability to segment and target by geography or time period.

Google Trends

#1 Google Trends

For several years, the most popular tool for analyzing search data has been Google Trends (formerly called Google Insights for Search). This tool provides the ability to easily identify the most popular search trends along with the ability to quickly and easily search and explore what consumers are interested in based on Google search queries. Google Trends.

#2 YouTube Trends

YouTube is not only the most popular video destination hub on the Web , but it’s also the second-largest search engine. More than 4 billion hours of video are consumed each month on YouTube. All this content and consumption generate significant amounts of digital data for analysis. As Google has done for traditional searching, YouTube has developed its own trends tool for video. YouTube Trends describes itself as “a new destination for the latest trending videos and video trends on YouTube and a resource for daily insight into what’s happening with web video.” Youtube.

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#3 Yahoo! Clues

Yahoo! Clues is a freely available trends reporting tool that operates by categorizing and classifying daily search volumes on This product competes with Google Trends, but it offers some things that Google Trends doesn’t. It also displays the data in a more visual and friendly manner than Google Trends. One of the most noticeable differences between Yahoo! Clues and Google Trends is the inclusion of demographic data on the searchers. Yahoo! Cluesautomatically includes age groups and gender-integrated into search volume reporting, which makes for a single unified view. In this instance, this tool is easier to use than some of the other tools if you’re interested in a quick snapshot of which age groups and/ or gender might be most interested in your brand or your terms. Yahoo! Clues

Free Tools for Collecting Insights Through Search Data

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