The 6 landing page best practices

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The 6 landing page best practices

Landing Page is a simple web page created for a specific purpose like capturing email address for email newsletter subscription, sign up to a service like a dating website or sell a specific product like skin care. If you follow these six landing page best practice I lay out below you will have a killer landing page that works!

  • The Headline

This is the most important aspect and the easiest to test. Your headline purpose is to grab attention. You will only have a few seconds to do it, as the visitors have a short attention span and can be easily distracted with many things.

  • Product / Avatar image

An image of your product or service is used to demonstrate your products or services. Before and after pictures for weight loss products works well because it creates the believability factors. A product in use pictures speaks thousand words and is very effective.

  • Benefits or benefit-feature pairs bullet points.

    Visitors want to know what the products or services can do for them. You need to present the benefits in easy to understand bullet points. The benefits like how the product or services will make their lives better, happier and more fulfilled.

    The 6 landing page best practices
  • Social proof.

Social proof is the online version of word-of-mouth. There are 4 different types of social proof you can use to build the trust factor in your landing page.

  • Counters

This is like a mention of a specific number of how many businesses use the service.

  • Testimonials

Testimonials leaves positive impressions on the mind of visitors. A good testimonial will have detailed information about the benefits and figures. The photo in the testimonial also increase level of trusts.

  • Reviews from other sites.

You can include ratings or reviews given by authority website, which is trusted brands.

If they speak positive things about your website, you will appear credible in the eye of consumer.

  • Customer logos.

    Whether you worked with well-known brand or a startup, you can always display their logo’s as a social proof. As a result, you will present your company as a reputable one to work with.
  • Call to action.

    This is the second most important factor landing page best practice. A call to action directs the user to take a specified action, for example, Sign Up Now to Get 10% Discount. When you don’t put a call to action, you just let the user hang there without doing anything. If your purpose is to get sales, example of a call to action, GET TICKETS.
  • Risk reversal statement.

The purpose of risk reversal is to take away the risk associated with customer taking the action you want. This will make the prospects comfortable and put you in a position to gain positive results.

For example:

Free trials (14-day, 30-day, 60-day)

30-day money-back guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee


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